IT Leaders

We are a source of dependable safeguard expertise for IT leaders, working in harmony with, not against, their IT environments. Partnership and integration are key.

The role of IT leader within a school or MAT has many facets.

It often includes operational and strategic planning, developing and improving ICT / network systems, risk management and ensuring everything is safe, reliable, effectively used and up to date.

Our IT leaders also need to be source of expertise on current and emerging digital safeguard technologies and statutory obligations. It’s a complex portfolio of responsibility. There is little capacity for disruption.

Working with external technology partners such as Smoothwall therefore has to be seamless.

We need to be a source of dependable technical expertise when it comes to safeguard technology, and work in harmony with, not against, the school’s IT environment. Partnership and integration are key.

Ensuring a close and collaborative relationship with our IT leaders is critical for ensuring the online safety across the school population.

Two-way knowledge sharing from our different perspectives ensures both sides stay ahead of new and emerging dangers. It also ensures Smoothwall’s pioneering and developing technologies are compatible with individual school environments and the needs of those who manage them.

Below are some of the ways we support our school IT leaders.

Below are some of the ways we help IT leaders