Multi-Academy Trusts

Consistency of standards, reputation management, operational efficiency and scalability are all important factors for digital safeguarding across a multi-academy trust.

Multi-Academy Trusts have some important considerations when it comes to digital safeguarding:

Consistency of standards, reputation management, operational efficiency and scalability to name a few.

Consistency of standards across your trust is one of the most important. Though many safeguarding duties are delegated to the Local Governing Body (LGB) of each academy, the MAT is still responsible to ensure these duties are being carried out correctly.

A weakness in safeguarding practice at one academy can impact on the reputation of the entire MAT. If it does, it may not be so easy to repair.

Efficiency is another key concern. Manually monitoring online safety risks across your trust can be highly time consuming and can use up valuable resources which may be better spent in the classroom.

Introducing a managed monitoring service can eliminate this burden for your MAT. Also crucial is working with a technology solutions provider like Smoothwall who understands your need for efficiency and provides highly skilled individuals across all areas of digital safety to help you deploy and run a high performance solution.

As the MAT grows so must its digital safeguarding technologies. Scalability is key and sits at the heart of all Smoothwall’s solutions up to and including providing multiple deployment options.
At Smoothwall it’s important that our MATs feel confident that their academies have the wherewithal to ensure compliant digital safeguarding practices. As well as providing pioneering solutions and technical expertise we help build knowledge and understanding across the entire digital safeguarding picture.

Below are some of the ways we do that.

Below are some of the ways we help MATs