King Harold Academy

King Harold Academy is a secondary school based in Essex with 680 students.

The challenge

To find an accurate offline monitoring solution that uses human moderation to remove false positives.

Big results

Smoothwall Monitor alerts King Harold to any safeguarding concerns, allowing the DSL to put appropriate support in place before the situation escalates.

What’s the background?

King Harold Business and Enterprise Academy is a secondary school located in Waltham Abbey, Essex. Students attending the school are aged between 11 and 16 years old.

Carrie Gibbs is the school’s Care, Guidance and Support Manager. Carrie’s responsibilities include child protection, the mental health of both staff and students and is also the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL).

What was the challenge?

Previously King Harold didn’t have a dedicated monitoring solution in place. Carrie explained, “I was using the safeguarding reports generated by Smoothwall Filter but they didn’t provide me with enough information required for the DSL role.”

“When looking for a monitoring solution, it was important that we found one that was precise, would flag up incidents quickly and would remove false positives.”

Discussing the trial Carrie commented, “Smoothwall Monitor – Managed Service was the first monitoring solution that we trialed. We were intending to test other solutions, however, we were remarkably impressed therefore decided there was no need to look at others.”

How Smoothwall Monitor helped

Carrie explained the school’s experience of Smoothwall Monitor – Managed Service, “I’m very impressed! Previously when looking for any online incidents, it would take me between 3 and 4 hours every week to analyse the previous week’s reports. Whereas now any concerns are sent to myself in real-time which allows me to act as soon as I can.”

“Added to this is that the solution monitors offline content as well as online, so it’s given us invaluable insights into situations that we were unaware of and has enabled us to put support in place at an early stage, which previously wouldn’t have been possible.”

Carrie went on to discuss the alerts in more detail, “as well as identifying the category of risk, the alerts contain a link that allows me to look at the context surrounding the incident. I find this particularly impressive as it gives me the full picture before I have contact with the vulnerable person.”

“It’s also a great help that there’s a human element to the mmoderation as we no longer receive false positives, which saves me time.”

When describing the support they received, Carrie commented “I’m very impressed with Ben, our sales manager at Smoothwall, for his exceptional customer support! We had one crisis where I called him late one evening and he was on hand to solve the issue so that the system was working as it should be the next morning.”

To summarise, Carrie said “I can’t praise Smoothwall Monitor enough! It’s not only made my life a lot easier, but it really does have the ability to transform lives because it gives me time to act.”

I’m very impressed with Ben, our sales manager at Smoothwall, for his exceptional customer support!

Carrie Gibbs
King Harold Academy