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Complete online protection for your organisation

Smoothwall Firewall & Filter

Smoothwall’s Firewall & Filter solution has all the features of the Secure Web Gateway paired with a next generation firewall to give you total protection.

Smoothwall’s Firewall & Filter also combines Layer 7 application control with perimeter firewall and stateful packet inspection to provide Next-Generation firewall functionality.

All built into one appliance, you can provide cost-effective protection for your network and shield against all web and non-web borne threats. Furthermore, it includes the market-leading web control of our Secure Web Gateway solution.

Smoothwall’s Firewall & Filter is a complete all-in-one protection package designed with your organization’s security needs in mind.

Key Features

Content-Aware Web Filter

Scans the content of a page to provide an intelligent filtering decision.

Gateway Anti-Malware

Selective and powerful gateway anti-malware.

Next Gen Firewall

Control non-web traffic and apps such as Skype and BitTorrent.

Anonymous Proxy Blocking

Prevent circumvention of your Acceptable Use Policy.

HTTPS Filtering

Fully decrypt and inspect SSL traffic using MITM with easier than ever certificate deployment.

Drill-Down Reporting

Over 100 different reports available to view web activity by location, group, or individual user.

Google Integration

Force Safe Search, prevent non-domain log on, and comprehensively filter Google sites.

Who, What, Where, When

Easily build granular filtering and firewall policies based on user, category, time and location.

Suspicious Search Reporting

Identify searches and searched terms that violate acceptable use policy by user or group.

Device Integration

Available on Chrome OS, Windows, macOS and iOS devices.

Social Media Controls

Content modification provides read-only mode which prevents commenting and blocks games.

Alerts and Notifications

Get notifications directly to your devices for policy breaches and network outages.


Create secure traffic tunnels with L2TP, IPsec and SSL supported VPN.


Separate your guest networks and provide IP addresses to clients.

Source Natting

Ensure traffic going out over multiple IPs is correctly routed.

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