Smoothwall Monitor

Real-time, human-moderated monitoring that alerts designated staff to students suspected of becoming vulnerable.

Monitor - Highlights

Human-moderated, 24/7, 365

Advanced behavioural technology and highly-trained human moderators alert designated staff to children suspected of becoming vulnerable. 

Helps designated staff to spot at-risk students who may otherwise go unnoticed

Monitor can help detect children suspected to be at risk far beyond what a teacher's eyes and ears alone can achieve.

Peace of mind for schools and parents alike

Schools can concentrate on supporting and educating students, with the peace of mind that if Monitor detects a potential online incident, they will be alerted within minutes.  

Monitor - Watch at a glance

Key benefits

Real-time alerts for faster interventions:

Real-time alerts 

Designated school staff are alerted in real-time and within minutes of an event being detected. Notifications are by email, and by phone for the highest suspected risks. All alerts come with contextual evidence to support next step decision-making.

Human moderation 

A highly trained, human moderation team provides protection 24/7, 365 days a year. They assess the more serious alerts and remove false positives before contacting designated staff. 

Appropriate notifications

Low level alerts are stored in the Dashboard for viewing at the next login. Medium alerts are communicated through email. High alerts are conveyed by phone. Designated staff staff are contacted only when necessary. 


Helps make invisible risks, visible:

Helps detect risks across the digital space
Risk-assesses everything a student types across Google, Office 365, offline documents, web chat, social media and more.
Works online & offline
Captures suspected risks even when the device is disconnected from the internet. When the device re-connects, data is transmitted to Smoothwall Monitor for analysis.
Helps detect vulnerabilities across the broadest categories
Including potential mental health concerns, bullying, violence, self-harm, suicidal ideation, drugs, gangs, grooming, radicalisation and more.

Optimises staff time:

Minimises false positives
Human moderation dramatically reduces false positives. Staff time is only incurred when absolutely necessary. 
Fast deployment
Cloud-based and with fast and easy deployment means there is no IT burden and no ongoing need for technical administration.
Evidence minimises the need for additional information
Risk assesses the whole screen, not just the URL, which means alerts are more accurate and are accompanied by evidence to support pre-intervention decision-making.

Monitor's impact 



facing the highest suspected risk, including to their health or life, were spotted by Monitor in 2022.



at potential serious risk, including mental health and self-harm, were spotted by Monitor in 2022.



at potential risk of violence or bullying were found by our solutions in 2022.



are supported every day by our technologies.

What our customers say

Video case studies:



Designated Safeguarding Lead


Smoothwall Monitor is amazing... it’s the reassurance that you know students are safe, and you know humans are analysing risks and providing human judgement. It works so seamlessly.

Hollywood Primary School



Care, Guidance & Support Manager 


I can’t praise Smoothwall Monitor enough! It’s not only made my life a lot easier, but it really does have the ability to transform lives because it gives me time to act.

King Harold Academy 


Operations & Business Manager


In relation to 7 months of stress and pain from a previous provider which failed to deliver what they had stated it would do, Smoothwall Monitor knocks it out of the park!

Carlton Keighley



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