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Ruth Noble, DSL at Tonacliffe Primary School talks about digital monitoring and web filtering technology in UK education.

In this short video, Ruth explains the differences between web filtering and digital monitoring technology, their importance in safeguarding students and why both are needed in education settings.


Get up to speed with
digital monitoring and web filtering

Our experts have selected the resources below to help enhance your understanding and learning about digital monitoring and web filtering.

Whether you are new to these topics or already have some knowledge, our whitepapers and videos will provide you with all the information you need.

We'll explain how digital monitoring and web filtering can enhance student digital safety and ensure KCSIE compliance.

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A Complete Guide to Digital Monitoring for Schools
Key takeaways include:

What digital monitoring is and how it works
How it can help your school meet
statutory guidelines
How it benefits safeguarders and helps you meet KCSIE obligations

Bridging the
Language Gap
Key takeaways include:

What web filtering and digital monitoring are and how they work
The key web filtering and digital monitoring terms unpicked
Reviewing your school's filtering/monitoring approach
Setting the New Standard
for Digital Monitoring
Key takeaways include:

Understanding the pressing need for digital monitoring in schools
The 8 key standards for digital monitoring excellence
How Smoothwall can help you meet these standards


Digital monitoring in 90 seconds

In just 90 seconds, Katherine Howard provides a brief overview of digital monitoring and its functionality.

Discover how the technology can help capture potential student risks on school devices.

Understand its crucial role in safeguarding children and how it empowers DSLs, equipping them with vital information to both intervene early and fulfil their obligations under KCSIE.



Web Filtering for UK Education - Cloud, On-premise or Hybrid?

Key takeaways include:

A brief overview of web filtering in UK education

The different filtering deployment options available to schools
What you need to do to meet your KCSIE web filtering obligations

Bridging the
Language Gap

Key takeaways include:

What web filtering and digital monitoring are and how they work

The key web filtering and digital monitoring terms unpicked

Reviewing your filtering/monitoring



Web filtering in 90 seconds

Get a concise overview of web filtering in just 90 seconds from our filtering expert, Tom Newton. 

Understand the distinction between cloud and on-premise filtering commonly used across UK schools and colleges. 

Gain insight into the various levels of filtering commonly used to safeguard students online and why real-time content filtering should be considered in today's learning environment.



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'Just Ask' events

Join our free webinars and hear directly from our experts on KCSIE 2023
updates and your obligations around digital monitoring. Plus ask any questions you have.


Recorded Webinar

KCSIE 2023 Updates: Web filtering & monitoring for DSLs explained

In this session, Smoothwall experts Katherine Howard and Tom Newton, discuss the key distinctions between web filtering and monitoring, and what you need to be aware of to ensure you meet the KCSIE 2023 guidance.

View recording now

Live Webinar for DSLs

Dispelling the Digital
Monitoring Myths

Thursday, 1st February @ 11am - 12pm

Join our Q&A session with experts Katherine Howard and Rob Faulkner to gain valuable insight into digital monitoring and your obligations under KCSIE. We welcome any questions you have.

Live Webinar for DSLs

Navigating the Latest
Digital Safety Trends

Tuesday, 12th March @ 3pm - 4pm

In this live webinar, learn about the latest dangers in the digital environment and the things that you can do to help keep your students safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover some of the questions other DSLs and safeguarders have asked us about
digital monitoring and web filtering, with answers given by our experts. 

Web filtering and digital monitoring - what's the difference? 

Web filtering and monitoring work hand in hand when it comes to protecting pupils online.

Where web filtering is designed to block pupils from being able to access and view inappropriate content on the internet, digital monitoring analyses screen views and any keystrokes the child makes into a device to search for any risks.

Whether a user types into a browser, Microsoft document, or a social media platform, digital monitoring will capture the word/s even if they are immediately deleted, or never submitted or sent.


Can web filtering be adjusted for roles and age groups?

Modern web filters, such as Smoothwall Filter include granular controls that allow web filtering to be relaxed or made stricter based on your institute's needs.

In most cases, you'll find that web filtering rules can be set up to take into consideration, year groups or discern between staff and student users.

Is there standardised training to help staff oversee monitoring and filtering systems?

There are no standardised training programs or resources in place that DSLs need in order to understand digital monitoring or web filtering.

However, vendor such as Smoothwall can provide formal training and educational resources to help DSLs better understand their new responsibilities.

How do you prevent your web filter from overblocking?

Schools require content filtering that contextually analyses a web page to determine whether or not it should be blocked to the user.

Web filters that rely solely the URL or domain block lists tend to overclock as they are likely to overly restrict student access and/or leave students exposed to new harmful content that might go live.

Does digital monitoring generate alerts for specific websites, especially those not currently blocked?

Digital monitoring, unlike web filtering, does not generate alerts based on what sites students visit. It generates captures when a student types in something that could indicate a risk.

This leads to risks being discovered on sites that filters may on their own fail to pick up on.

Is digital monitoring only necessary for older pupils?

No. Digital safety is not just something that concerns older students.

Younger children remain just as exposed to risks online. Bad things can happen in good places. It's up to schools to effectively put in place "appropriate monitoring" to mitigate where risks do arise. 

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