Bridging The Language Gap

A Guide to Digital Safeguarding Technology
for Non-Technical DSLs

DSLs often struggle with understanding the digital safeguarding technologies used in their school. They want to ensure best practices are followed and stay updated on available technologies for student safety and school compliance.

However, a language barrier between technical and non-technical colleagues can hinder effective communication. This guide aims to bridge that gap by providing practical and helpful information to demystify digital safeguarding solutions.

Key takeaways include:

  • What web filtering and digital monitoring are and how they work

  • The key web filtering and digital monitoring terms unpicked
  • Knowing the best filtering/monitoring fit for your school/college

  • Reviewing your filtering/monitoring

  • Further information about Smoothwall solutions

Essential reading for:

Headteachers, DSL, Governors and anyone with a non-technical responsibility for ensuring digital safety within schools or colleges. 


Closing the gaps that children fall through