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How Digital Monitoring Can Be a Vital Time-Saving Tool for Busy DSLs

2 minute read
By Smoothwall

Keeping children safe in their education environment comes with some often harsh realities. Witnessing sexual imagery, online student chats with potential perpetrators, and more, is not pleasant and can affect staff wellbeing. It is also a role that requires a large amount of dedicated time from the safeguarding lead.

Many undertake the DSL role in addition to other responsibilities – so it’s not surprising that issues around time constraints will inevitably arise. Multi-tasking and context switching can often lead to mental depletion and alert fatigue.

At Smoothwall, our digital monitoring solution, Smoothwall Monitor acts as an additional set of eyes and ears, to help support DSLs in the digital environment and spot students at risk.

So, how does Smoothwall Monitor help DSLs save time and what are the benefits?

Removes 99% of false positives

Through advanced AI and human moderators, Smoothwall Monitor removes 99% of false positives, reducing the amount of time you spend sense-checking the alerts and their real risks. Not only does Smoothwall Monitor generate alerts for online activity such as web searches, but it also catches things made on offline applications like word documents, too.

Allows you to focus on the alerts that need immediate attention

Not only will you be closer to each individual case, you’ll have more time to ensure the safeguarding practices you have in place, are as effective as possible, while staying on top of new trends and potential threats your students could face online.

Makes invisible risks, visible immediately

Having to manually filter through alerts can be incredibly time consuming, and it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks. But when those missed alerts have the potential to be dangerous to your students, we know that can come with a lot of pressure and stress.

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