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Student Safeguarding: A Quick Guide to the Five Key Digital Safety Technologies

2 minute read
By Smoothwall

Digital safeguarding, also known as digital safety technology is used to keep students safe online while in school or college. It consists of 5 solutions each protecting a different touch point.


Keeps the network protected from harmful attacks or breaches.
Learn more about Smoothwall Firewall here.


Prevents pupils from accessing harmful web content.
Learn more about Smoothwall Filter here. 

Digital monitoring

Scans pupils behaviour online and alerts DSLs to detected risks to wellbeing, health or life.
Learn more about Smoothwall Monitor here. 

Record management

Ensures students records are digital, easily and quickly accessible.
Learn more about Smoothwall Record Manager here.

Classroom management

Gives teachers control about web access for learning in the classroom.

Ofsted, through its ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ Guidance, says schools should as a minimum have ‘appropriate’ filtering and proactive monitoring and some form of record keeping. With no minimum standard specified however, some MATs have been able to tick the compliance box with the barest of provision.

This compliance-first, rather than child-first approach might have been more budget-friendly and kept Ofsted happy, but it could never give pupils anything like the protection they need – especially now. With all risks heightened and children needing their MAT to care for them like never before, this is not the time to compromise.

Whatever standard your MAT is currently at, it’s time to reassess your practices, route out any weaknesses and ensure your digital safety is robust enough to properly protect the wellbeing and safety of your students in this changed landscape.

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