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Web Filtering – 12 Questions Ofsted May Ask You During an Inspection and Why

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By Smoothwall

Filtering can have an impact on many different aspects of an Ofsted inspection, so it’s important to understand the kind of questions they might ask you to ensure you are prepared.

Below is a handy list of 12 questions Ofsted may ask and why:

  • What are your school/college’s procedures for ensuring filtering is kept up to date?
  • Do your school/college’s filtering systems protect students from accessing online radicalisation content?
  • Do your governors understand how filtering is used within the school?
  • How does your school ensure students can access the internet in an age-appropriate way?
  • Describe how your school educates children and young people to build knowledge, skills and capability when it comes to online safety? How do you assess its effectiveness?
  • How does your school effectively protect vulnerable children from accessing harmful content
  • How are the risks of social media tackled within your school?
  • How does your school protect children with special educational needs from the dangers of online actions?
  • How is data held securely?
  • Does your school have an acceptable use policy in place?
  • What policies does your school have in place to ensure the internet is used safely?
  • How does your school enforce acceptable use?
  • How do your pupils learn about their digital footprint and what should they be aware of online?
  • Do your pupils know how to stay safe from online predators?

Reasons why Ofsted may ask these questions

Ofsted inspectors want to ensure that your school is effectively keeping children away from inappropriate and illegal content. They will look for a balanced curriculum that integrates effectively with technology. Schools with effective filtering use a granular approach by age so that the curriculum does not become restricted by over-blocking.

Ofsted wants to assess how your pupils are taught to stay safe online and how effective your policies are in reality.

It is a legal requirement for schools to protect students from access to extremism and radicalisation. Effective filtering is vital to fulfilling this requirement. Systems will only be effective if they are kept up-to-date, integrate with Home Office issued lists and use real-time content analysis.

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